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ephem·​er·​al : /ɪˈfem.ər.əl/ lasting a very short time

bits : /bɪt/ the smallest unit of information in a computer’s memory

@bnjmn 28 days ago

I like stickers, I just never use them as intended. Like, I don't like the idea of sticking it on something I currently use. What if I stop using that thing? Then I don't get to see the sticker anymore, and I don't like that

@bnjmn 1 month ago

2024 just started and Palworld is already my GoTY

@bnjmn 2 months ago

Pokemon Concierge - I didn't expect to like this (I tend not to like claymation), but it was really wholesome and sweet

@bnjmn 2 months ago

HiFi Rush is one of those IPs that I think would do really well on-screen

@bnjmn 2 months ago

I think I'd be quite ok on a desert island if I had my Steam Deck and a working connection

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