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markdown for president

19.06.2023 1 min read

This site is built with AstroJS, which allows a (weird but nice) mix of using .astro files as they are (Astro’s own filetype), importing markdown into .astro files, using .mdx (.jsx with Markdown), etc. - it’s extremely flexible, and you have an assortment of possibilities to choose from. I’m trying to keep things consistent by using .mdx for most things.

After re-discovering markdown (and rebuilding my site - Ikea Effect, I find I’m enjoying writing a lot more, which has led to me writing a lot more (even if they are sometimes just short posts like this one). Worrying less about markup is great - WYSIWYG is the way to go.

Although… I must say, the seemingly unopinionated nature of of AstroJS can sometimes make it hard to make decisions. Should something be an .astro file or an .mdx file? Questions like that can hard to answer. But I’ve found that when something needs to be dynamic and involves data-fetching, or I need to .glob something, it should probably be an .astro file. And when it doesn’t, then .mdx tends to do the job.

Built with Astro and Tailwind 🚀