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max testing for 5/3/1

17.06.2023 1 min read

Did some casual maxing to determine working weights for 5/3/1 BTM, which I’m intending to start next week.

  • Squat 105x1
  • Bench 70x1 (lol)
  • Deadlift 130x2 (E1RM 137)

These probably aren’t true maxes - the conditions of today’s testing were certainly less than ideal. I was:

  • Jetlagged
  • Possibly still suffering from a cold
  • Barely on five hours of sleep

All told, I’m probably 25 KG short of my ATB totals; but then again, I hit those when I was 5 KG heavier, actually doing powerlifting-style training, and “peaked”. I think it’s pretty important to maintain some level of perspective and objectivity when it comes to evaluation of progress.

I’m pretty excited to run this. Hopefully I manage to dial in my calorie intake this time round (I don’t want another mini-dreamer bulk happening). Progress reports to come!

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