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mount a remote filesystem locally with sshfs

15.08.2023 1 min read

So, this germinated as a thought I had last night: “I wonder if it’s possible to load games onto Retroarch from a remote location?”

Seems like the answer is yes - my findings are below.


sudo apt install sshfs
sudo mkdir /mnt/dietpi # or whatever you want to call your mounted folder
sudo chmod 700 /mnt/dietpi # add appropriate permissions
sudo sshfs root@dietpi:/root/Desktop/ /mnt/dietpi # mount remote fs to local 
sudo umount /mnt/dietpi # unmount from fs

Files can be accessed within the WSL environment, but not from File Explorer. If using the GUI is necessary (or from within Windows), we need a few extra steps.


  • Install WinFsp
  • Install SSHFS-Win
  • In File Explorer, right-click on “My PC”. Then, click on “Map network drive…”
  • \\sshfs\[email protected]
  • Key in your password (idk why this is allowed, AFAIK I disabled password login)

SSHFS Win Manager

I’m not sure what the benefits of using this are. I presume it’s helpful if you have a lot of connections to manage.

Prerequisites: ensure SSHFS-Win is installed

  • Create a connection
    • IP/HOST, etc.
    • Optional (if you use keys): point to the directory where your keys are
  • Settings > SSHFS Binary
    • Point this to where SSHFS-Win is installed
  • Mount the drive, EZPZ
Built with Astro and Tailwind 🚀