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there is no shame in building (another) todo list

08.09.2023 1 min read

I don’t know how many todo lists I’ve built.

If I had to guess, I’ve probably done it 5-6 times:

  • When I was learning Javascript
  • One on the CLI in node
  • One or two in React
  • Another in fish + gum
  • Attempted one in Go (IIRC I failed while trying to write to file / persist something to a DB - I can’t remember.)

“Why so many todo lists!”

“Why not try something new?”

Well… because I know what a todo list is supposed to do. I’m intimately familiar with its implementation. What I’m probably not familiar with is a new language’s syntax and features. So, I do something I’ve done many times over. I reach for the familiar, the known, the uninteresting - because doing something that I’ve done before allows me to focus on doing something I’ve never done before. It lets me get some practice in. It allows me to get a handle on where I’m at.

I built a CLI todo list for Rust today (second attempt!). It isn’t much - but hey, it felt good.


Built with Astro and Tailwind 🚀