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lifting programs i've run

Some programs I’ve run (in no particular order):

  • Stronglifts 5x5, GZCL - Simple programs that feature a linear progression model
  • VDIP - Volume Dependent Intensity Progression. Do x number of max rep sets (aka AMRAPs). Weight increases are warranted when a certain amount of volume is achieved. Didn’t work too well for me because I ran it (both times) on a caloric deficit
  • J&T 2.0 - A powerbuilding hybrid that consists of a hypertrophy phase followed by a “peaking” phase. An interesting feature of this program is that the rep schemes change from week to week. Hit some all time PBs but also got uncomfortably fluffy
  • GtG - Doing a lot of reps throughout the day. Did 500 pullups over two weeks to increase pull-up max from 15 => 16
  • Bulgarian Lite aka Squat Every Day - Another high frequency program. Hit a daily max and do skill work via back-off sets wherever possible. Achieved some PRs but ended up in the hospital shortly after due to unrelated reasons lol

Programs I intend to run:

  • 5/3/1 Building the Monolith - 100 chins and 100 dips? Sounds fun, sign me up


  • SBS Hypertrophy
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