smol projects

smol projects

(The following projects aren’t anything special, by any measure, and I usually wouldn’t share them, but seeing this page on Julia Evans’ website made me think - maybe it’d be interesting to someone to know the why behind a project)

Mostly CLI stuff and simple scripts.

freetube cron

Written in go

Reads the contents of my Freetube history file and writes it to a Pocketbase collection. My system runs it as a cronjob at midnight, every night. I have another job that then pulls the data, and writes “recently watched” entries to my /now page.


Written in go

Read markdown on the command line.

  • Read file from current directory
  • Save markdown files for easy access
  • Configure a markdown directory to read stuff from
  • Pipe stuff into it

glamour does most of the heavy lifting (markdown rendering). I got the idea from seeing glow, which does this (and much more), but I felt like it was a little heavy for my needs. I don’t use this much, so I was probably right… I didn’t need something like this.


Written in nim

My favorite way to learn a new language is by writing a lot of code. This inevitably leads to lots of new files (I do not like REPL). I wanted an easy way to see the most recently modified files so I could review what I learned. exa doesn’t seem to provide a way to do that (it sorts by directory and displays it as a tree). So I wrote this - it searches the specified directory as well as subdirectories, and lists files by most recently modified. It doesn’t do anything else - reversing it is easy with tac


Written in crystal

For times I want to look up a word definition but lazy to alt+tab to browser. Searches for word definitions and saves it to a local text file (and also Pocketbase, for fun). Also allows look up of saved definitions.


Written in raku nim

I used to gig quite a bit. Prepping for a gig was one of my least favorite things to do, because it involved searching for the lyrics to each song, highlighting text, copying and pasting text to file…

So I made a CLI-tool to download lyrics from Musixmatch (really, I just did it to learn some raku). There are two options: specify a text-file and download in a batch (honestly, this feature is for me) or download by specifying artist & song title.

Now, if only I were still gigging… (damn you, covid).


Written in raku go

A lot of my projects start with me thinking “I need / want to do this thing. How can I do this thing in as little steps as possible”? - and ends with a few hours of coding (I often question whether it’s worth it).

Anyway… I made til so I can start taking daily notes more regularly. It doesn’t do too much:

  • Creates a .md file from a configured template with the current date in a specified directory
  • Opens it with nvim (it should work with any other configured editor)
  • til -c "content" works much the same as echo "some content" >> your-file.md
  • “Reading mode”, which just lists files and opens the chosen file in the configured editor.


Written in nim

Shows news headlines for various categories

wordle helper

Written in nim

Narrows down the possibilities for the word of the day

I don’t even play Wordle, I don’t know why I made this

Built with Astro and Tailwind 🚀